A ‘Grand’ delight after the ravages of snow & ice

Whilst almost everyone else was disappointed to be confined to barracks as the ‘Beast from the East’ meant the postponement of our Annual Lodge of Instruction Festival it  was a great pleasure for one of our number. W Bro Mike Grillage, our super talented and hard working Provincial Organist picked up the post from his doormat to find a letter from Great Queen Street containing an appointment letter to Grand Rank in the Craft. He is to be appointed Past Grand Standard Bearer
W Bro Mike provides great support to many Lodges acting as Organist and whilst the work of an Organist can often go unnoticed just think what meetings are like when one is not there!  His work at the BBC and his retraining as a GP always make him fantastic company at Festive Board. A great appointment for a great man!
Other Warwickshire Brethren to be honoured with Grand rank in the craft are:

W Bro Peter Hugh Summers, Provincial Grand Organist, appointed to the rank of Past Grand Standard Bearer

W Bro John Walsh, Provincial Grand Registrar, appointed to the rank of Past Grand Standard Bearer


VW Bro Richard Victor Wallis promoted to Past Junior Grand Warden

W Bro Michael Dexter Cox, promoted to Past Senior Grand Deacon (APGM Worcestershire)

W Bro David Anthony Stanford, APGM, promoted to Past Senior Grand Deacon

W Bro Nigel Richard Burton, promoted to Past Junior Grand Deacon

W.Bro.Andrew Armbrister – P.Prov.GSW, Prov.GDC

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Known as the “Happy Degree”, Mark Masonry has found great popularity for it’s ritual and fellowship. If you are interested in becoming a Mark Master Mason please contact W. Bro. Ian Belsham, the Provincial Grand Secretary.

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