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It’s been a busy week in the Mark Province of Warwickshire with ups and downs. Our much admired ‘Warwickshire Mark Lodge of Instruction Festival’ had to be postponed due to the awful weather conditions brought on by the Siberian weather system that descended upon the UK resulting in the disruption of so many events. But with the increase in temperatures and rain, the snow dissipated almost as fast as it appeared to allow the Yenton and Central Keystone Lodge of Mark Master Masons to enjoy the affirmation of its new combined warrant and the dedication of their banner conducted by our Prov.GM, RWBro.Phil Wills and wonderfully choreographed by Prov.GDC Andrew Armbrister. Some 30 acting Provincial Officers supporting our rulers and the Lodge on this happiest of occasions.

When acting Provincial DC’s attend upon the rulers and offer salutations we are reminded of the differences between the words ‘of‘ and ‘for‘. When the Provincial Grand Master is in attendance he is ‘for the Provincial Grand Lodge etc’. Whereas for his Deputy or Assistant is simply ‘of the Provincial Grand Lodge etc’. So, when during the risings at the end of the Ceremony on Monday our Prov.GSW, Tony Ball, affectionately known for many years as No.2 stood to report on the Mark LOI’s cancellation due to, as he put it “the Beast IN the East” rather than ‘from‘, our Provincial Grand Master thanked “The Pest IN the West” for his report.

I now know Tony, the ‘Tipton Terror’ is not the first Pest but he will be the most remembered in Warwickshire!

Is there any such thing as a Masonic career I wonder? The ‘career’ dissipation light now flashing in overdrive to much hilarity. It will certainly give ammunition for many years to come and many of us wondering if there’s a special apron badge in the offing and an acronym?

Last night (Tuesday 6th March) many of the same faces were out again at the Yenton rooms attending the Ronald Albutt Lodge (the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge) to hear their Worshipful Master, VWBro.Derek Griffin, deliver part two of his tales of life on Islay, illustrated by symbols….well, maps and photos at least! We were treated to an insight to life on the Island, its infrastructure, road systems of one track nightmares and most popular of all…its distilleries! Extracted from a website entitled “Land of Whiskey’, the following: “Although Islay is only 25 miles long, it boasts no fewer than eight distilleries (with two pending), making it easy for you to go on a whisky exploration between them. At Ardbeg Distillery you can choose from four different tours with tastings, starting from £5 for the standard Ardbeg Tour and Tasting.” I’ve heard it said that since Derek’s emigration to Islay, many of the distilleries are reviewing the prices for their tasting tours due to copious quaffing! Possibly because of his mis translation of ‘quaich’ for ‘small bucket’. RWBro.Eric Rymer has offered to pay for Gaelic lessons in the future to protect the distilleries revenue streams and ensure correct pronunciation.

If there are any Brethren in the Province who are or have been Provincial Grand Stewards who may be interested in joining this wonderful and exclusive lodge, please contact W.Bro.Steve Mingo who will be delighted to help out. There is nothing quite like the bonding and fellowship formed between the Stewards. The next meeting of the Lodge will be in September to Install Master Elect, W.Bro.Charles Gwynn.

W.Bro.Martin Grahame-Dunn – Webmaster 

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Known as the “Happy Degree”, Mark Masonry has found great popularity for it’s ritual and fellowship. If you are interested in becoming a Mark Master Mason please contact W. Bro. Ian Belsham, the Provincial Grand Secretary.

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