Provincial Grand Lodge of
Mark Master Masons of Warwickshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of
Mark Master Masons of Warwickshire

Communication from The Deputy Provincial Grand Master.

I hope that you will all have had an opportunity to read the attached letter from the Grand Secretary which was circulated a few days ago.

In that letter V.W.Bro. Dan Heath pays due credit to R.W.Bro. Phil’s time as Provincial Grand Master, and I would like to add to those thoughts and sentiments.  He has been an exceptional Provincial Grand Master.  He is a very fine Mason.  I am most inspired by his unstinting care and support he shows to all Brethren.  When there is a choice to send a quick email to a Brother or pick up the phone, R.W.Bro. Phil will always make a call and take the opportunity to have a chat and catch up on how that Brother is doing.

My other abiding memory will be of COVID.  R.W.Bro. Phil might not want the title but when the history of the Province is updated I am sure he will be regarded as the ‘COVID PGM’.  During that period he demonstrated great leadership, worked with the Heads of other Orders administered from Mark Masons Hall, so we had consistent approaches and ensured we stayed in touch with our members offering support where needed.  As a result we exited lockdown in a strong place.

The distinctive characteristic of the Mark Degree is to be the ‘Friendly Degree’ and R.W.Bro. Phil certainly epitomises that value.

To be an effective leader you really do need the support of your family and I also want to pay tribute to Jan and the rest of the family for constantly giving that support to R.W.Bro. Phil.  They have been a visible tower of strength around  him and we all thank them for that.  R.W.Bro. Phil will be very much among us in the next few months and there will be ample opportunity to thank him for all he has done.

As far as appointments to Provincial Grand Rank in November are concerned there will be no changes to those communicated to Brethren, save that I am delighted to advise that:-

W.Bro. Howard Smith will be promoted to Deputy Provincial Grand Master;

W.Bro. Ian Belsham will be appointed as Assistant Provincial Grand Master; and

W.Bro. James Freakley will be appointed as Provincial Grand Secretary.  W.Bro. James will communicate details of those appointed as Deputy and Assistant Provincial Grand Secretary soon.

We are truly fortunate to have a wealth of talent across Freemasonry and members who are willing to give freely of their time to ‘make it all work’.  I look forward to one of my first duties as Provincial Grand Master as being to recognise that hard work and to invest those receiving appointments and promotions in Provincial Grand Rank this year.

I was delighted to accept the invitation to be the 17th Provincial Grand Master for the very fine Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Warwickshire and Karen and I look forward to spending many happy times together at our various events.

Best wishes and ‘Mark Well’.

W.Bro. Andrew Armbrister
Deputy Provincial Grand Master

Martin Graham-Dunn, Provincial Grand Senior Warden
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Martin Graham-Dunn P.A.G.D.A

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