Latest Advancement at Concord 735 – Bro.Nessan Walsh

It has been a busy week with the 110th Provincial Mark Lodge of Instruction and the announcement of Grand Rank appointments; but let us not forget the most important thing we do…to advance a new member into this beautiful Degree. On Friday 6 April W.Bro Barrie Kavanagh did just that, by advancing a friend of 30 years, Bro Nessan Walsh into the Concord Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 735.

R.W.Bro.Phil Wills Prov.GM; W.Bro.Barrie Kavanagh; Bro.Nessan Walsh

We say friends…their first meeting saw W.Bro.Barrie driving his pick up into Nessan‘s yard and upon seeing an Alsatian dog bounding towards him making for the roof! He did not realise the dog, like Nessan was friendly. Welcome Brother Nessan and well done W.Bro.Barrie.

W.Bro.Andrew Armbrister P.Prov.GSW. Prov.DC

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“Among Mark Master Masons you will ever find friends, who will administer relief to your distress and comfort in your affliction…”.

Known as the “Happy Degree”, Mark Masonry has found great popularity for it’s ritual and fellowship. If you are interested in becoming a Mark Master Mason please contact W. Bro. Ian Belsham, the Provincial Grand Secretary.

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