Provincial Suspension

Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of  Warwickshire

R.W.Bro.Philip Wills, Provincial Grand Master

25 September 2020

Dear Sir and Brother

This letter is a joint communication on behalf of the local Heads of the following Orders administered from Mark Masons Hall:

  • ïThe Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Warwickshire
  • ïThe Provincial Priory of Knights Templar of Warwickshire
  • ïThe Red Cross of Constantine, West Midlands Division
  • ïThe District Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Warwickshire
  • ïThe District Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees of the West Midlands
  • ïThe Provincial Grand Senatus of the Scarlet Cord of the Midland Counties (Consistories meeting in the Craft province of Warwickshire and Kings Heath only)
  • ïThe Heart of England Prefecture of the K.B.H.C.

You will be aware that local regulations have been imposed on certain boroughs within the areas covered by the above Orders, as well as the Rule of Six and other legally enforced restrictions implemented in England by Her Majesty’s Government. These actions are in response to the escalating Covid-19 infection rate and are expected to be in force for the remainder of this year.

As a result of this, and after taking advice from MMH, the Heads of the above Orders have taken the decision to suspend all meetings of Lodges etc. that would normally take place within their areas of jurisdiction. The suspension is effective from 24th September 2020 and will continue until further notice. The situation will be kept under constant review.

This decision has not been taken lightly, but after due consideration of Government guidance, the need to protect the safety of our members, their families and society, and the need to guard the reputation of Freemasonry. 

Any points specific to each Order will be dealt with by individual Provincial Grand Secretaries. Lodges may seek special exemption from the suspension only for a Virtual Business Meeting should they need to make important decisions. 

It is the fervent hope of all our Heads of Orders that this suspension will be an opportunity to practice the care for others that is fundamental to all Freemasons. Please take every opportunity to keep in touch with each other by phone or email or hold informal virtual meetings. Make sure to report any hardships and difficulties to your lodge or provincial almoner. Above all, keep safe and well.

Yours faithfully and fraternally

Ian Belsham

W. Bro Ian D Belsham P.Prov.G.Reg., Prov.G.Sec

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