What a busy time in the Mark as the new season kicks off!

Over the last couple of weeks the Province has been very busy indeed. The ‘Four Provinces’ meeting held on Tuesday 25th September at Kings Heath by kind permission of the Province of Worcestershire, was a truly monumental occasion with some 130 Brethren in attendance to witness a special meeting of the Silhill Lodge of mark master Masons who advanced Brother Glyn ‘Brother Knights! Evans into the Mark Degree in an exemplary manner. Witnessed by the four Provincial Grand Masters from Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire & Herefordshire and Staffordshire & Shropshire, a number of Past Provincial Grand Masters, the immediate Past Pro Grand Master and….RW Bro.Stephen Davison our Assistant Grand Master who personally welcomed Brother Glyn into the Mark.

The RW Assistant Grand Master Bro.Stephen Davison, escorted by RW Bro.Frank Spencer the GDC, RW Bro.Philip Wills (Prov.GM Warwickshire); RW Bro. Eric Rymer (Prov.GM Worcestershire); RW Bro.F.J.Gillo (Prov.GM Hereford & Gloucestershire); RW.Bro.M.R Heenan (Prov.GM Staffordshire & Shropshire) and MW.Bro.Richard Wallis, Past Pro Grand Master.
RW.Bro.Stephen Davison Assistant Grand Master with Brother Glyn Evans prior to his Advancement
The Assistant Grand Master with Warwickshire’s Provincial rulers

All of the officers of the Silhill Lodge put on an excellent performance and notably, Brother Hardip Ubli who performed his task as Junior Overseer to perfection even though he was attending only his second meeting since his own advancement. Rapid progress indeed and a case of ‘watch this space’ for this admirable young Brother.

Only a few days later on October 1st, the Silhill Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Lodges met to Install W.Bro.John Durling as its new Master in a great ceremony performed by W.Bro. Percy Taylor who has only recently recovered from a very serious illness. In the RAM meeting, Brother Hardip Ubhi was elevated after his outstanding work at the Four Provinces Meeting. 

There were a number of distinguished visitors from the Grand Lodge of Switzerland in attendance. W.Bro. John David Appel PGSD, who is the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of MMM of Switzerland. He was Advanced in the Concord Lodge of MMM No 1770, which I think was consecrated in London and then moved to Switzerland as Concord No 5. He was Elevated in Silhill RAM No 972, and then went on to form a RAM lodge in Switzerland. W.Bro. Petro Bianchi,  a PM of Lodge Capricorn No 3; Bro. Davor Kriz – a member of Concord Lodge No 5 (Switzerland) and finally, W.Bro. Martin Andreas Métraux is a Past Assistant Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of MMM of Switzerland. He was Advanced in Concord Mark no 735, and then went on to found Concord Lodge of MMM No 1770 before it transferred to Switzerland was Concord No.5. He was Elevated in Silhill RAM in 2001 and is still a member.

Many of you may or may not know of the connection of some Warwickshire Lodges with brethren from Switzerland. I think it was mainly Concord and Silhill Lodges who Advanced and Elevated a large number of Swiss Brethren back in the mid 1990’s. These Brethren then went on to form lodges of their own in Switzerland. Due to the Swiss laws, they were not able to be under the rule of a Head Office outside of the country, and so the Grand Lodge of MMM of Switzerland was formed. Their Grand Master, MW Bro. James Miller, was a member of Concord Mark at one time! (information courtesy of VW.Bro.Gareth Hughes}

And finally, a picture from the Installation meeting of Machen Mark Lodge with a very well known RW Brother! All images in this post are courtesy of W.Bro.Paul Rowlands – thanks Paul! We are fast approaching our Provincial meeting on November 24th when I am sure our Provincial Grand Master will preside over another happy meeting in the Mark Degree. See you there and “Mark Well!”

W.Bro.Martin Grahame-Dunn – Webmaster



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