Nigel Clemson, Assistant Provincial Grand Master

W.Bro. Andrew Armbrister, Deputy Provincial Grand Master & Festival Director

The Warwickshire 2027 Festival

The honour and pleasure of hosting an MBF Festival only comes round once in a generation and our generation of Warwickshire Mark Master Masons will have that great privilege in 2027.

The Mark Benevolent Fund was established in 1868 and not long after, in August 1869, its first festival was held at the Mitre Hotel, Hampton Court.  It was attended by 53 members and their ladies and raised £79: in today’s terms something in excess of £50,000.  From 1879 festivals have been allocated to individual provinces and after several years of fundraising culminate in a weekend of celebration including a dinner at which the results of all those efforts are announced.

Warwickshire last hosted a festival in 1982, £162,000 being raised.  Last year the 151st Festival was held in Sussex and raised £1,351,349, an absolutely fantastic sum helping the Mark Benevolent Fund to continue its work in supporting others.  You can read more on the history and work of the MBF here:-

Our Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro. Philip Wills is very clear that targets for fundraising at individual, Lodge or Provincial levels will not be set.  He is conscious that we are currently in Festival within Warwickshire Craft, there are many calls on our charitable giving and that charity is an entirely private matter.  That said it does not diminish our desire for a very successful festival, both financially and socially. 

Though we have a strong tradition of raising money through events the income of the MBF is principally from individual and Lodge contributions.  It is therefore hoped that Lodges and Brethren continue to give generously and where possible establish a regular donation.  The MBF Regular Giving Form is attached: –

As recognition and thanks for those donations honorifics are granted and the appropriate qualifications can be found here: –

Here’s to a wonderful 2027 MBF Festival creating lifelong memories and a sense of pride to be a Warwickshire Mark Master Mason.

W.Bro. Andrew Armbrister, Deputy Provincial Grand Master Festival Director

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“Among Mark Master Masons you will ever find friends, who will administer relief to your distress and comfort in your affliction…”.

Known as the “Happy Degree”, Mark Masonry has found great popularity for it’s ritual and fellowship. If you are interested in becoming a Mark Master Mason please contact W. Bro. Ian Belsham, the Provincial Grand Secretary. Click here.

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