Phil Wills, Provincial Grand Master
Andrew R. Armbrister, Assistant Provincial Grand Master

We hope this will act as a focus to those who have an interest in the Mark and Royal Ark Mariner degrees. You may not know anything about Freemasonry; you may be a Craft Mason; or you may have already taken that fourth step to become a Mark Master Mason and then further enriched your Masonic knowledge by joining the Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariners. Our aim for this website is to offer information and knowledge to those who seek for it, news for those who are interested, and resources for those who need them. For some, the website may also be the starting point for a lifelong journey of friendship, fun and self-development.

Warwickshire Mark Benevolent Fund

The objects of this charity are to provide a relief fund, for and support to, other masonic avenues of financial relief for the beneficiaries; and to make donations from the fund to masonic and non-masonic charities. The WMBF has a long and fine history of providing help in this way. We will continue to give this support to ‘qualifying’ Mark Master Masons and/or their wife, civil partner, widow, surviving civil partner, child or other dependants who are in need, hardship or distress. The making of any donation is at the entire discretion of the Trustees.

About Us

“Among Mark Master Masons you will ever find friends, who will administer relief to your distress and comfort in your affliction…”.

Known as the “Happy Degree”, Mark Masonry has found great popularity for it’s ritual and fellowship. If you are interested in becoming a Mark Master Mason please contact W. Bro. Ian Belsham, the Provincial Grand Secretary. Click here.

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