Provincial Contacts

Phil Wills Provincial Grand Master

R.W.Bro. Philip Wills. Provincial Grand Master


Deputy Provincial Grand Master

V.W.Bro. Michael D. Saxon, P.G.J.O. Deputy Provincial Grand Master

Assistant Provincial Grand Master

W.Bro. Andrew R. Armbrister, P.G.Stwd. Assistant Provincial Grand Master


Gareth Hughes, Provincial Grand Registrar

V.W.Bro. Gareth Hughes, C.M., P.G.J.O. Provincial Grand Secretary


Provincial Deputy Grand Secretary

W.Bro. Ian D. Belsham, P.Prov.G.Reg. Provincial Deputy Grand Secretary


James Freakley

W.Bro. James R. Freakley, P.Prov.G.Reg. Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary


Nigel Bridges, Provincial Grand Treasurer

W.Bro. Nigel J. Bridges, P.A.G.D.C. Provincial Grand Treasurer


Paul Mason, Provincial Grand Almoner

W.Bro. Paul F. Mason, P.G.St.B. Provincial Grand Almoner


Nigel Clemson, Provincial Grand Charity Steward

W.Bro. R. Nigel Clemson, P.A.G.D.C. Provincial Grand Charity Steward


Howard Smith, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

W.Bro. Howard L. Smith, A.G.D.C. Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

Provincial Deputy Grand D.C.

W.Bro. A.F.J. (Tony) Ball, P.A.G.D.C. Provincial Deputy Grand D.C.


Provincial Assistant Grand D.C.s

W.Bro. Paul J. Rowlands. Provincial Assistant Grand D.C.s


Graham Lewis, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies

W.Bro. Graham H. Lewis, Provincial Assistant Grand D.C.s


Mark & RAM Secretaries Emails

Bedford Charity Lodge of RAM No.115:

Bedford Mark No.115:

Charity Mark No.430:

Concord Mark No.735:

Concord RAM No.735:

Coventry Mark No.1811:

Cyril Batham Mark No.1844:

Hertford Military & Athol RAM No.408:

Hertford Military & St.Paul’s Mark No.408:

Holte Mark No.1041:

Howe & Athol Mark TI:

Machen Mark No.698:

Machen RAM No.698:

Mancetter Mark No.1883:

Mark Installed Masters:

RAM Installed Masters:

Matthew Clarke Mark No.1012:

Matthew Clarke RAM No.1012:

Progress Mark No.1746:

Remembrance Mark No.1256:

Remembrance RAM No.1256:

Ronald Albutt Mark Mo.1818:

Rugby Mark No.776:

Rugby RAM No.776:

Seymour Mark No.606:

Seymour RAM No.606:

Shakespeare Mark No.40 TI:

Shakespeare RAM No.40:

Signa Bene RAM No.1501:

Signa Bene Mark No.1501:

Silhill Mark No.972:

Silhill RAM No.972:

St Martin’s Mark No.959:

Temperance Mark No.629:

Temperance RAM No.629:

The Harry Wilson Mark No.1574:

The Harry Wilson RAM No.1574:

Thomas Arthur Wood Mark No.1737:

Thomas Arthur Wood RAM No.1737:

Vesey St Christopher’s Mark No.757:

Vesey St Christopher’s RAM No.757:

Yenton & Central Keytone Mark No.719:

Yenton & Central Keytone RAM No.719:

About Us

“Among Mark Master Masons you will ever find friends, who will administer relief to your distress and comfort in your affliction…”.

Known as the “Happy Degree”, Mark Masonry has found great popularity for it’s ritual and fellowship. If you are interested in becoming a Mark Master Mason please contact W. Bro. Ian Belsham, the Provincial Grand Secretary.

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