Mark and RAM Lodges during Suspension

G. Robert Harrison, Provincial Grand Junior Overseer

As it became more and more obvious that the COVID-19 infection rates in the country were rising once more at the onset of autumn, Brethren across the Province were not yet confident to resume attending their lodges, and new restrictions started being rolled out, the decision was taken by our Provincial Grand Master that a local suspention of Mark and RAM lodge physical meetings would be sensible. Feedback from Brethren has been overwhelmingly positive about this decision – although we want to meet up again, we have all to be careful to protect our own health and that of our families. Now that a national lockdown has once more been enforced, a new general suspension of Mark and RAM lodge physical meetings has been announced in England. The announcement is attached.

With ongoing suspensions it is becoming more and more important that the members of our marvelous orders keep in touch with their Brethren. Please, do make use of the phone to speak to each other, to check that everyone is well and cheerful, and to offer help when needed. Lodge virtual meetings, whether they be formal business meetings in lieu of a lodge meeting, or just a social get together are vitally important in keeping us in touch, strong and united in the face of the pandemic, and to keep the business side of our labours going. If no-one in your lodge feels confident to set up virtual meetings, the members of the Provincial Secretariat are here to help. Updated guidelines for holding formal VBMs are attached.

Your Mark Provincial Executive are holding regular Zoom meetings to make sure things are OK in the Province, and to make plans for the future. Similarly, the Trustees of the Warwickshrie Mark Benevolent Fund have continued to carry out their work via virtual meetings. We were very pleased to receive an update from W.Bo. Darren Coleman-Heald, the Charities Manager at Mark Masons Hall, ealier this week when he joined the W.M.B.F. and lodge Almoners’ meeting via Zoom.

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